One QR code to accept payments from different E-wallets/Banks

Just look for the QR Ph logo and you can use JuanCash app for payments.

What is QR Ph?

The use of QR codes for payments has been gaining traction as an alternative to cash or the traditional debit and credit card payments. In November 2019, the payment industry participants led by the Philippine Payments Management, Inc. (PPMI), under the guidance of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), launched the "QR Ph", as the National QR Code standard.

Under BSP Circular No. 1055, the BSP requires all participating payment service providers, including banks and non-bank electronic money issuers (EMIs), to adopt QR Ph. The primary rationale for the adoption of a national standard is to foster payment system efficiency by transforming the fragmented QR-driven payment services in the country into interoperable payment solutions. This approach is expected to substantially minimize the need for merchants and customers to maintain their accounts with the same payment service providers and for billers to display numerous QR codes to accept payments from customers who may be using other banks or EMIs.

Aligned with the Europay-Mastercard VISA Co (EMVCo) standard, the global standard for secure payments, QR Ph unifies the various domestic cashless payment schemes that make use of the QR code as a form factor. QR Ph thus allows a quick, low-cost and safe method to pay, transfer to and receive funds from other bank and e-money accounts in the Philippines.

Steps on how to Scan-to-Pay QR Ph merchant using JuanCash App

1. Open your JuanCash App.

2. Tap on the 'Scan' icon and scan the merchant's QR Ph.

3. Input the amount then tap 'Pay'.

4. Tap 'Pay Now' and enter 6-digits payment password.

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