How to Cash-In from WeChat to your JuanCash

From WeChat to JuanCash

1. Log in to your JuanCash account

2. Tap "Cash In"

3. From E-Money choose WeChat

4. Enter desired amount then tap "Next"

5. You will be redirected to your WeChat application and enter your WeChat account passcode

6. Successful payment page will be displayed on JuanCash then tap "Use"

7. Transaction details with top up balance page on JuanCash app will be displayed then tap "Finish"

Disclaimer: Currency exchange rates are subject to change due to market fluctuation, final determination thereof shall be made upon crediting the value thereof on the JuanCash wallet. Any discrepancies in the exchange rate shall be borne to the user without any obligation on the part of JuanCash to refund or reimburse the same.