How to Cash-In using your PSBank Mobile App

From PSBank to JuanCash

1. Log in to your PSBank Mobile Banking account

2. Select Transfer Funds. Choose Transfer Funds on the upper left corner menu. Select to Unenrolled Account if JuanCash is not yet enrolled to your mobile app.

3. Choose between the following Fund Transfer Channels:

- InstaPay: Real-time Fund Transfer up to P50,000
- PESONet: Same day Fund Transfer before 3:00 PM. Transactions after 3:00PM will be processed next banking day

4. Enter the amount and your account details. Select the account to transfer and enter these details:

- Bank: JuanCash
- Account Name: Your JuanCash registered name
- Account Number: Enter your JuanCash registered mobile number and follow this format:
*Add "63" or the country code under Destination Account No.
(i.e., 639-XXXX-XXXXX | 861-XXXX-XXXX-XX)

5. Send the funds to your JuanCash account. Confirm the transfer details and send the funds.

*PSBank transaction fees may apply