How to Cash-in using AUB Mobile Banking

From AUB to JuanCash

1. Launch your AUB Mobile Banking App, tap "Mobile Banking", then log in to your account

2. Enter your Security Token Number

3. Choose the InstaPay Fund Transfer option

4. Provide the AUB Source Account No., select "JuanCash" under Destination Banks, then tap "Done"

5. Complete the following details:

- Enter your JuanCash mobile number in this format:
*Add "63" or the country code under Destination Account No.
(i.e., 639-XXXX-XXXXX | 861-XXXX-XXXX-XX)
- Enter your name under Destination Account Name
- Enter desired amount

6. Tap "Transfer Now"

7. Review the details you entered, then tap "Confirm"

8. To complete the transaction, enter your Token Authentication Number, then tap "Submit"

9. Wait for the confirmation message to appear on your screen.

*AUB transaction fees may apply
*Minimum Cash In amount is Php100
*Maximum Cash In limit is Php50,000 per transaction