How to Cash-In via 7-Eleven

From 7-Eleven to JuanCash

1. Open your JuanCash App then click "Cash In".

2. Select 7-Eleven on the "Recommended List".

3. Enter your Cash In amount, then click "Next". (Upon entering the "Cash In" amount. JuanCash app will generate a reference number to be type in on a Cliqq app machine).

4. On 7-Eleven Cliqq app machine, tap "E-money" button, then select "JuanCash".

5. Put your reference number, Description and amount then click "Next".

6. Enter your registered JuanCash mobile number and click "Next".

7. Click the "Print Button" to print the transaction receipt.

8. Proceed to the cashier and present the transaction receipt and pay the Cash In amount.

9. The cashier will scan the receipt and the amount will be credited instantly to your JuanCash account.

You will also receive a notification in your JuanCash app regarding your successful Cash In and the collection of rebate from your Cash In transaction.